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How do I use the sounds for the NPC's?

How do I change the tooltips of my items?

How to Hex Edit

Get the hex value of a color.

When I try to download a file, all I see is weird symbols

The symbols are the actual text info of the files, and they come up because the Tripod server thinks they are .txt files. To save them to your HD right-click on them and pick save as. Then they will probably have the icon of a webpage because it got saved as item.tbg.htm , you should remove the .htm so that you can import the file with the Infinity Engine Editor from Teambg. You might have to change a setting to be able to remove the extension. Go to the start menu, then settings, then folder options, then go to the view tab. About the sixth item down is Hide file extensions for known file types. You should uncheck that box.

To use the files from this site you will need the Infinity Engine Editor (IEE) from TeamBG. The files that are .iap or .tbg need to be imported using the Infinity Addon Patcher part of IEE. The files with extension .itm should just be placed in your override folder in the BG2 directory.

You should now be able to go to the next step-
To use the items in your game you will have to use the CLUAConsole cheat for now, but I am planning to add a shopkeeper that has all the items. ( I have now done this. Go here.) To use the CLUAConsole do this-
  • Open the game's directory C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA
  • Open the Baldur.ini file in notepad
  • Find the line [Program Options]
  • Under it add Debug Mode=1
  • Save and close notepad
  • Now when you are in the game, press CTRL-SPACE to bring up the Debug Window.
  • In the debug menu type- CLUAConsole:CreateItem("itemname",xx,yy,zz)
The itemname should be the file name of the item you downloaded. The xx is the number of that item you want created, the yy is the number of charges for the first ability, the zz is for the second. If an item Has more than two, then you just add more commas and put in the number of charges.

To use Ajantis and Xan-
Just install their .iap's with IEE and you will find Ajantis in Waukeen's Promenade, and Xan will be with Cernd in Trademeet. Note: You will only find them there if you have never been in those two areas before in the current game. If you have already been there you can use the CLUAConsole to bring them in.
Ajantis- CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ajantis")
Xan- CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Xan")


To use the soundsets provided for the NPC's, you will need GAP, which can be found in the
Other section. Once you install GAP, run it and click the playlist button (looks like a document with red lines). Then click Load list, and pick the list for the npc. (ie. Tiax.apl for tiax). Then select all the files by click the first one, then hold shift and click the last. Then click convert files. You shouldn't have to change any of the settings, so just hit OK. Then copy the converted .wav files into the override directory.