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NEWPower Bracers-These gauntlets give extra casting ability to the right spell caster. Requested by Rob

Sword of the Leech-This two-handed sword was requested by Lord Elithraldor and grants some spell casting and drains life

Blood Equipment-Sword and Armor that have life sustaining properties. Items requested by Brewsi.

The Holy avenger Mandate- sweet sword, much cooler than carsomyr.

Sword of Simplicity-Very easy to use sword. Seems to always find its way to an idiot.

Helm of Brain Coagulation-This helm will protect your brain from all sorts of attacks, including the grasping tentacles of Mind Flayers.

Sword of God- really cheap sword, extremely overpowerd.

Guenhwyvar's figurine- let's you summon Drizzt's panther.

Shieldbreaker-A warhammer that destroys your enemies equipment.

Crystal Sword-A crystal bastard sword that reveals the truth. You might recognize its custom icon.

Monk Armor- This armor gives no AC bonus but can be worn by monks. Also allows some spell casting.

Defender of Easthaven-Not really a custom item, but a fix for the Defender of Easthaven Flail. Just unzip this to the ovveride directory. Sent in by Sze Erh Lee

Green Destiny- Based on the sword from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Brangines Holy Symbol- A short sword created by Titans in times long past. This potent magical weapon will increase the strength of the user and grant them dominion over others.  Full story. (Requested by 250)

Sword of Champions-Two-handed sword that does nice damage, plus extra to giants.

Nightbringer- mace based on the mace of Verminard from Dragonlance.

Soul Stealer- vorpal short sword +3.

Whip of the Serpent-a whip that poisons, steals life or kills.

Cupid's Bow- when hit enemies fall in love with you.

The storm ring- this replaces the one that is in the game, with one that gives you +3strength, -3 thac0, -3 AC, and lightning spells. Just put it in your override folder.

The Staff of Donetello- +3 staff, raies int, and creates pizza.

Modified Robe of Vecna- It looks like you are wearing elven chain.

The Katana of Wounding- magic Katana that prevents enemies from healing, and makes them bleed