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smovin (9:26:51 PM): hey LOSER!
Shouperman (9:26:55 PM): hey honey
smovin (9:27:00 PM): honey?
smovin (9:27:05 PM): ok where is john
Shouperman (9:27:12 PM): just patronizing you
smovin (9:27:18 PM): what?
smovin (9:27:20 PM): loser
Shouperman (9:27:28 PM): mega-loser
smovin (9:27:34 PM): u r?
smovin (9:27:38 PM): well i knew that
Shouperman (9:27:48 PM): I was obviously talking about you
smovin (9:28:49 PM): i was not
smovin (9:28:56 PM): so now that we have that clear
Shouperman (9:29:08 PM): it is clear that you are a loser
smovin (9:29:15 PM): r u guys still playing xbox, u guys r such computer geeks
Shouperman (9:29:29 PM): you are the one named smovin, how the hell did you get that?
smovin (9:30:28 PM): i dont get that come back, and the name comes from me and my cuz cause we made it up down the shore when we were little
Shouperman (9:31:07 PM): well, we are playing xbox with friends, instead of by are loser selves
smovin (9:31:26 PM): so ur all geeks and losers
Shouperman (9:31:46 PM): not losers, losers have no friends and sit at home on the computer
smovin (9:31:56 PM): but u r geeks
smovin (9:32:00 PM): lol
Shouperman (9:32:07 PM): no more than you :p
smovin (9:32:16 PM): y do u know so much about losers? o wait my bad u r one
smovin (9:32:25 PM): me a geek as if!
smovin (9:32:27 PM): lol
Shouperman (9:32:41 PM): look , "as if" the classic loser/geek phrase
smovin (9:33:07 PM): no
smovin (9:34:22 PM): its the im making fun of something phrase, im sorry but u really need to get a life cause everyone knows that that saying is to be made fun of, o yeah how r u and ur gay friends doing? o wait i really dont wanna know im straight
Shouperman (9:34:47 PM): your straight this week? I didn't know you changed over
smovin (9:35:05 PM): o real funny
Shouperman (9:35:10 PM):
oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o o$ $$ o$
o $ oo o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o $$ $$ $$o$
oo $ $ "$ o$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$o $$$o$$o$
"$$$$$$o$ o$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$o $$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ """$$$
"$$$""""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "$$$
$$$ o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ "$$$o
o$$" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$o
$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$" "$$$$$$ooooo$$$$o
o$$$oooo$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$"$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$""""""""
"""" $$$$ "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" o$$$
"$$$o """$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$" $$$
$$$o "$$""$$$$$$"""" o$$$
$$$$o o$$$"
"$$$$o o$$$$$$o"$$$$o o$$$$
"$$$$$oo ""$$$$o$$$$$o o$$$$""
""$$$$$oooo "$$$o$$$$$$$$$"""
""$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$$$$

smovin (9:35:30 PM): what the hell is that?
Shouperman (9:35:36 PM): make the IM window really big
smovin (9:36:39 PM): ok LOSER needs a life
Shouperman (9:37:04 PM): I guess you're right, I mean, you are so popular and all, with all your imaginary friends
smovin (9:37:15 PM): hey at least i have friends
Shouperman (9:37:35 PM): animals and people in your head don't count..........
smovin (9:37:47 PM): yes they do
Shouperman (9:38:00 PM): so you admit that those are your "friends"
smovin (9:38:20 PM): yes
Shouperman (9:38:35 PM): I can find you a good pyschiatrist if you want.......
smovin (9:38:43 PM): nah
Shouperman (9:39:12 PM): are you sure? it could most definetly help you
smovin (9:39:24 PM): no thats what my friends r for
Shouperman (9:39:37 PM): but you said they consist of animals and voices in your head
smovin (9:39:49 PM): no not animals and voices
smovin (9:39:54 PM): they r people
Shouperman (9:40:01 PM): that only you can see......
smovin (9:40:22 PM): yes
smovin (9:40:25 PM): well i donno
smovin (9:40:44 PM): no one else ackolages them, so i donno if they do see them or not
Shouperman (9:40:47 PM): cause they don't exist. Once you realize and comes to terms with this, then you can start learning to act like a real person
smovin (9:42:08 PM): u mean i can be a real person! o i always dreamed of that:-)
Shouperman (9:42:25 PM): yes, with lots of work, it could be possible
Shouperman (9:42:43 PM): I mean lots of work
smovin (9:42:46 PM): but i dont wanna lose my friends
Shouperman (9:43:15 PM): I'm sorry but they have to go, they are just holding you in the fantasy world of your demented psyche
smovin (9:43:42 PM): but they r so real!
Shouperman (9:44:00 PM): I know, a screwed up brain can make hallulcinations seem like reality
smovin (9:44:27 PM): they say that ur wrong and that ur mean, they love me and dont want to go
Shouperman (9:44:47 PM): they would, wouldn't they? it is a defense mechanism, you have to fight it
smovin (9:45:16 PM): but i love them
smovin (9:45:25 PM): they grew up with me
Shouperman (9:45:25 PM): well, if you like the food at the nut house, then by all means continue on this course with your "friends"
smovin (9:45:55 PM): they said the food is nice there but they think u should go cause u dont have any friends
Shouperman (9:46:23 PM): I have real friends, that everyone acknowladges because they aren't locked inside my head like yours
smovin (9:46:53 PM): they r not locked they can go out if they want to, bob parties all the time
Shouperman (9:47:11 PM): do they party with the imaginary friends of other people?
smovin (9:47:20 PM): and skyler goes to bars
Shouperman (9:47:32 PM): oh, he must be the "bad" one
smovin (9:47:38 PM): and kayla goes to her job
Shouperman (9:47:44 PM): you should watch the movie "Sybil"
smovin (9:47:45 PM): and mark goes clubing
Shouperman (9:47:49 PM): it will explain a lot
smovin (9:48:01 PM): but i dont like scarry movies
smovin (9:48:06 PM): and they say that is scarry
Shouperman (9:48:18 PM): it isn't scary, it's about a girl with problems similar to yours
Shouperman (9:48:29 PM): which I guess is pretty scary
smovin (9:49:07 PM): u mean other people can see my friends? wow now they r real! thanks u expained so much
Shouperman (9:49:38 PM): nope, I never said other people could. 'cause they can't, you're the only one
smovin (9:50:01 PM): u just said she was like me
Shouperman (9:50:19 PM): yea, sybil has voices in her head like you, she also knows people that only she can see
smovin (9:50:36 PM): i dont have voices in my head
Shouperman (9:50:45 PM): I guess it is tough for a little girl to understand
smovin (9:51:10 PM): well then expain it ot sybil if she dont understand
Shouperman (9:51:30 PM): eh, I wasn't refering to her............ and she is old now anyway, it is an old movie
smovin (9:51:47 PM): then y did u call her little
Shouperman (9:51:54 PM): I called YOU little
smovin (9:52:01 PM): me? no never
Shouperman (9:52:06 PM): always
smovin (9:52:21 PM): not always
Shouperman (9:52:27 PM): always always
smovin (9:52:29 PM): u dont see me all the time
smovin (9:52:32 PM): so u would not know
smovin (9:52:38 PM): only i see me and im not little
Shouperman (9:52:48 PM): well, unless you magicly age and grow sporadically, you are always little
smovin (9:52:53 PM): im a big girl! i can reach the sink without my stool
Shouperman (9:53:02 PM): but the diapers, the diapers.....
smovin (9:53:16 PM): no i have big girl pants
Shouperman (9:53:23 PM): is that what they tell you?
smovin (9:53:46 PM): thats what the comercial says
Shouperman (9:53:55 PM): ah
Shouperman (9:54:10 PM): how are the fingerpainting lessons going?
smovin (9:54:38 PM): brb
smovin (10:00:24 PM): back
Shouperman (10:00:32 PM): darn :'(
smovin (10:01:11 PM): shut up
smovin (10:01:16 PM): im not in a good mood now
smovin (10:01:19 PM): and its not u
Shouperman (10:01:27 PM): aww, what happend? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
smovin (10:01:43 PM): no its what dave is doing to my best friend
Shouperman (10:01:54 PM): what is that bastard doing? do I have to beat him up?
smovin (10:01:59 PM): he has her in tears and i hate that he can do that to her
Shouperman (10:02:24 PM): I always ask, "Why is the only man that can stop your tears the one who makes you cry?"
smovin (10:02:30 PM): he did shit to her and hes balming her for everything its to long to get into
Shouperman (10:03:23 PM): guys are suck jerks
smovin (10:03:32 PM): yeah
Shouperman (10:05:03 PM): a baseball bat and a decent swing to the right area can go a long way.....
smovin (10:07:38 PM): yes it can
smovin (10:07:44 PM): can u be my test dummy?
Shouperman (10:08:03 PM): of course, my steel equipment can't be hurt ;-)
smovin (10:08:26 PM): lol
smovin (10:11:33 PM): ok
smovin (10:11:34 PM): then
Shouperman (10:11:49 PM): after we are done playing halo, be ready with the beat
Shouperman (10:11:51 PM): *bat
Shouperman (10:11:56 PM): I recomend louisville
smovin (10:11:57 PM): lol
smovin (10:12:06 PM): ill see what eds got
smovin (10:15:45 PM): he has those mettel ones
smovin (10:15:49 PM): wonder if they hurt
Shouperman (10:15:52 PM): hmm, that could work
smovin (10:16:13 PM): maybe ill miss u and hit ed that would be fun!
Shouperman (10:16:20 PM): even a wiffle ball bat stuffed with densely packed newspaper
smovin (10:16:34 PM): yea thats true
Shouperman (10:16:34 PM): Ed isn't as tough as me though, he might get hurt
Shouperman (10:16:38 PM): or is that the plan?
smovin (10:16:47 PM): thats the plan
smovin (10:17:04 PM): wait! i want neices and nefuwes
smovin (10:17:06 PM): i cant spell
Shouperman (10:17:25 PM): well, I don't think Ed will ever get a girl anyway, so it doesn't matter
smovin (10:17:38 PM): ill make him get a girl!
smovin (10:17:45 PM): ill pay her
Shouperman (10:17:49 PM): he'd probably prefer a guy thouhg
smovin (10:17:56 PM): no
smovin (10:18:02 PM): that cant happen
Shouperman (10:18:30 PM): this is Ed we are talking about after all..... did you here about his "friend" Sergio?
smovin (10:18:45 PM): i though his name was bob
Shouperman (10:18:58 PM): well, bob is the real name, but Sergio is the pet name
smovin (10:19:20 PM): o ok
smovin (10:24:36 PM): brb
Shouperman (10:24:52 PM): I will be breathless with anticipation till you return
smovin (10:27:21 PM): what the hell?
Shouperman (10:27:42 PM): exactly
smovin (10:28:53 PM): ok then
Shouperman (10:29:03 PM): so what else?
Shouperman (10:30:20 PM): Blud Gulch is good stuff
smovin (10:30:27 PM): ok
smovin (10:30:50 PM): congrats to blud gulch
Shouperman (10:30:57 PM): yea, tanks and ghosts are fun
smovin (10:31:10 PM): ok
Shouperman (10:32:47 PM): you play halo, you should kno
smovin (10:33:00 PM): i like tanks
smovin (10:33:11 PM): but im best with snypers
Shouperman (10:33:28 PM): yea, me too, I like just sitting back and hitting the stupid people as they walk around
smovin (10:34:01 PM): i like snypering ed from this great hide out and him not finding me and him dying! hehe
Shouperman (10:34:13 PM): yea, it is funny when he screams
smovin (10:34:24 PM): yells u mean?
Shouperman (10:34:29 PM): both
smovin (10:35:05 PM): yea
smovin (10:38:42 PM): when r u guys comeing home?
Shouperman (10:38:47 PM): tomorrow
smovin (10:38:54 PM): kk
Shouperman (10:39:08 PM): probably 1130-1230ish
Shouperman (10:43:27 PM): got to go, bye!