(Me as)Scott and Jackie

Fuel7 [4:05 AM]:  damn disconnectin aol, negotiations still on?
JacMic1124 [4:06 AM]:  are we talking real or monopoly money?
Fuel7 [4:06 AM]:  well, monopoly for high sums, but could use real for lower
JacMic1124 [4:06 AM]:  how low?
Fuel7 [4:06 AM]:  how low can you go?
JacMic1124 [4:08 AM]:  i think the question is how high can you go?
Fuel7 [4:09 AM]:  3
JacMic1124 [4:09 AM]:  3 what?
Fuel7 [4:09 AM]:  
hundred that is, don't mean to offend you
JacMic1124 [4:10 AM]:  you'd give me 300?
Fuel7 [4:10 AM]:  yea, I stole it from sai's purse before she left ;-)
JacMic1124 [4:11 AM]:  and what would i have to do?
Fuel7 [4:11 AM]:  well, I was hoping you'd give me some pointers and directions on how you liked it so I'd be ready for others
Fuel7 [4:14 AM]:  so that they wouldn't laugh at me anymore, I want to try and convince them it isn't the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean
JacMic1124 [4:15 AM]:  you want pointers or actually fucking?
Fuel7 [4:15 AM]:  well, the pointers aren't much use without examples and experience.....
Fuel7 [4:18 AM]:  kangoros for example, my heart tells me yes, but others give me strange looks
Fuel7 [4:18 AM]:  go or no go?
JacMic1124 [4:19 AM]:  kangoros?
Fuel7 [4:19 AM]:  oops, I meant kangaroos
JacMic1124 [4:20 AM]:  what about them?
Fuel7 [4:20 AM]:  can they be useful in the bedroom?
Fuel7 [4:22 AM]:  Crikey! see, I told you, I really need your help
JacMic1124 [4:23 AM]:  what makes you think i would know?
Fuel7 [4:23 AM]:  Joe looked sorta like one
JacMic1124 [4:23 AM]:  what?
Fuel7 [4:24 AM]:  nevermind about that
Fuel7 [4:25 AM]:  i've got it!

JacMic1124 [4:25 AM]:  what?
Fuel7 [4:25 AM]:  instead of money I have this cap for a free 20 oz soda, that would do, right?
JacMic1124 [4:25 AM]:  since you brought up joe, do you think i fucked him?
Fuel7 [4:26 AM]:  well, his name is cox and all..... thought that might have made you want to find out and that time when you were in the bathroom for a half hour
JacMic1124 [4:26 AM]:  when was that?
Fuel7 [4:26 AM]:  at my house, around valentines day, right?
JacMic1124 [4:27 AM]:  yea, ok.
Fuel7 [4:27 AM]:  did he pay?
JacMic1124 [4:27 AM]:  why would i make my boyfriend pay?
Fuel7 [4:28 AM]:  well, maybe "boyfriend" was just for show "Sugar Daddy" might have been the correct term
JacMic1124 [4:29 AM]:  no, that would not have been the correct term
Fuel7 [4:29 AM]:  oh, sorry, no offense then
JacMic1124 [4:30 AM]:  sure you are
Fuel7 [4:30 AM]:  but that bloke didn't have to pay, and I would. You are supposed to be helping my self-esteem :'(
JacMic1124 [4:30 AM]:  why should i help your self esteem
JacMic1124 [4:30 AM]:  ?
Fuel7 [4:31 AM]:  because I am a guy in need, doesn't God want you to help the needy?
Fuel7 [4:31 AM]:  don't want to screw with him
Fuel7 [4:31 AM]:  and masturbating is against god...
JacMic1124 [4:32 AM]:  and paying for sex isn'ta?
Fuel7 [4:32 AM]:  well, I can give you the bottle cap discretely, so He won't see
JacMic1124 [4:33 AM]:  you really believe He won't see?
Fuel7 [4:33 AM]:  well, I heard that he can't see through tin-foil, so we can make a tent of that and I'll put it in, then you can take it out
JacMic1124 [4:34 AM]:  why don't you just make a tent of tin foil and jerk off in it?
Fuel7 [4:34 AM]:  because masturbating is against god
Fuel7 [4:34 AM]:  besides God doesn't really mind prostitutes, he hung out with that mary magdeline chick
JacMic1124 [4:34 AM]:  that was Jesus
Fuel7 [4:35 AM]:  Jesus is God, duh
JacMic1124 [4:35 AM]:  what religion are you?
Fuel7 [4:35 AM]:  Catholic
JacMic1124 [4:35 AM]:  so you know it's a sin to have premarital sex
Fuel7 [4:36 AM]:  so you are saying you want to marry me first? alright, that will take longer though
JacMic1124 [4:36 AM]:  and the church forbids birth control
Fuel7 [4:36 AM]:  I will pull out
JacMic1124 [4:36 AM]:  what about stds?
Fuel7 [4:36 AM]:  well, I got a checkup last week, clean
Fuel7 [4:36 AM]:  you?
JacMic1124 [4:37 AM]:  i don't have any
Fuel7 [4:37 AM]:  we're cool then
JacMic1124 [4:37 AM]:  we are?
Fuel7 [4:37 AM]:  well, since both have none, we can't catch anything
Fuel7 [4:38 AM]:  the viruses won't spontaneously appear on our junk just from sex
JacMic1124 [4:38 AM]:  on our "junk"?  Maybe yours is junk, but mine certainly isn't
Fuel7 [4:38 AM]:  just a term...
Fuel7 [4:39 AM]:  so, 1 bottle cap for a marriage, few pointers, few bangs, then an anullment, when are you available?
JacMic1124 [4:40 AM]:  what happened to the 300?
Fuel7 [4:40 AM]:  oh, I thought you liked the free 20 oz soda more, but if you really need 300 I guess that is do-able
JacMic1124 [4:41 AM]:  what makes you think i would marry someone who can't perform?
Fuel7 [4:42 AM]:  well, the marriage is just so He won't be pissed off while you teach me to perform, the last phase of the curriculum was an anullment if you read...
JacMic1124 [4:43 AM]:  you're the one worried about not pissing Him off, not me
Fuel7 [4:43 AM]:  oh, cool, I don't care either

Fuel7 [4:43 AM]:  that's two things we can cut out then
Fuel7 [4:44 AM]:  or will you just give pointers for free now?
JacMic1124 [4:45 AM]:  why don't you let me see the satire?
Fuel7 [4:45 AM]:  i lost it, had to reformat damn crappy computer
Fuel7 [4:47 AM]:  gotta go, sai came back :-D
JacMic1124 [4:47 AM]:  did he?
Fuel7 [4:47 AM]:  *she
JacMic1124 [4:47 AM]:  sai wang?
Fuel7 [4:47 AM]:  yea
JacMic1124 [4:48 AM]:  is a chick?
Fuel7 [4:48 AM]:  yea, why?
JacMic1124 [4:48 AM]:  since when?
Fuel7 [4:48 AM]:  july 1
JacMic1124 [4:49 AM]:  really? that's very interesting
Fuel7 [4:49 AM]:  yea, she was really depressed and didn't know why, her therapist suggested it was because she was trapped in the wrong body
Fuel7 [4:50 AM]:  I am gonna check out the new equipment, see if it was installed correctly
JacMic1124 [4:50 AM]:  have fun
Fuel7 [4:51 AM]:  thx, i'll ask if she wants any chicks to have a round too if you're interested
JacMic1124 [4:52 AM]:  go ahead and ask
Fuel7 [4:52 AM]:  she says "Of course!" quite emphatically
Fuel7 [4:52 AM]:  maybe at the same time she suggests
JacMic1124 [4:53 AM]:  what does she look like?
Fuel7 [4:53 AM]:  let me ask if she has any pics scanned
JacMic1124 [4:53 AM]:  k
Fuel7 [4:54 AM]:  Pic here
 JacMic1124 [4:57 AM]:  it didn't work
Fuel7 [4:57 AM]:  weird, I'll ask her for more then
JacMic1124 [4:57 AM]:  k
Fuel7 [5:01 AM]:  Try this one
 JacMic1124 [5:02 AM]:  that
JacMic1124 [5:02 AM]:  *that's a lovely pic
Fuel7 [5:03 AM]:  oh crap, that was the wrong address, she doesn't really know computers
Fuel7 [5:03 AM]:  Correct one
 JacMic1124 [5:04 AM]:  how did her hair grow so fast?
Fuel7 [5:04 AM]:  extensions, and the hormone therapy
Fuel7 [5:06 AM]:  she is getting really excited now though, can't wait any longer, bye

Later- Sai and Jackie

JacMic1124 (2:25:51 AM): i heard you became a chick
DyingW (2:27:13 AM): yeah, Iam really happy with my new body
JacMic1124 (2:27:32 AM): well that's good
DyingW (2:27:39 AM): it is what I always felt like I was supposed to be
JacMic1124 (2:27:51 AM): so is the sex good too?
DyingW (2:28:38 AM): well, I've only done it with scott, and he's got a tiny dick
DyingW (2:28:42 AM): I need some real man
JacMic1124 (2:29:15 AM): so go find one
JacMic1124 (2:29:22 AM): scott says your hot
DyingW (2:30:44 AM): well, I will very soon, but I have a question. what is it supposed to feel like doing it with a real man
JacMic1124 (2:31:32 AM): i don't know.
DyingW (2:31:49 AM): you never been with one?
JacMic1124 (2:33:25 AM): i nreally don't think that's any of your business
DyingW (2:35:26 AM): well, I will find out soon, but you really need to give scott some lessons, he's horrible
DyingW (2:35:54 AM): not that I've ever been with a real man, but I can still tell scott is horrible
JacMic1124 (2:36:20 AM): why don't you give him lessons?
DyingW (2:36:45 AM): I am not really experienced, I've only been a girl since july 1st
DyingW (2:42:05 AM): anyway, do you have any lesbian experiences, i'd like to try it with girls too
JacMic1124 (2:42:48 AM): no
DyingW (2:43:22 AM): would you like to try it then, I can get us a real man, we could do a 3-some
JacMic1124 (2:43:44 AM): no
DyingW (2:45:51 AM): that's fine, I am just new to be a girl, so I want to try everything
JacMic1124 (2:46:05 AM): k
DyingW (2:48:29 AM): should I tell guys that I wasn't always a girl
DyingW (2:48:55 AM): do you think it is a good idea for me to tell them?
JacMic1124 (2:49:03 AM): i don't think so
JacMic1124 (2:49:37 AM): i think many guys are homophobic, and would consider it fucking a guy
DyingW (2:51:22 AM): how about gay guys?
JacMic1124 (2:51:53 AM): i don't know, maybe you could tell them, but they might not want to screw a chick
DyingW (2:52:25 AM): oh that's right, they are more interested in manlooking ones
JacMic1124 (2:53:05 AM): yea
DyingW (2:55:31 AM): when I went to buy my first bra, the guy working there weemed like he was feeling me up, do you think it was normal for them taking measurements?
JacMic1124 (2:56:13 AM): they should just measage above, below, and/or across
JacMic1124 (2:56:22 AM): they shouldn't be feeling them
JacMic1124 (2:56:33 AM): *measure
DyingW (2:57:50 AM): I wasn't really experienced on that so I didn't say anything, plus the guy was pretty good looking, I didn't really mind
JacMic1124 (2:58:07 AM): k
DyingW (3:00:42 AM): well, I am just wonder, if I get a boyfirend, and I really like him. should I tell him about that I wasn't always been a gril
DyingW (3:01:06 AM): should I?
JacMic1124 (3:01:32 AM): probably
DyingW (3:04:47 AM): do you tell every guy you do it with?
JacMic1124 (3:05:14 AM): do i tell every every guy what?
DyingW (3:06:40 AM): it seems like your doctor did do a good job, you still have some mustache there. guy would probably ask you about it.
DyingW (3:08:51 AM): go to Dr. sal calabro in NY, ask her to give you a resurgery, she does a really good job. that's who I went to
JacMic1124 (3:19:24 AM): i don't need a fucking surgery
JacMic1124 (3:19:29 AM): i was born a chick
DyingW (3:21:04 AM): omg, I can't believe this, you were my inspiration for getting my surgery
JacMic1124 (3:21:35 AM): y?
DyingW (3:23:03 AM): your mannerisms
JacMic1124 (3:23:33 AM): huh?
DyingW (3:25:11 AM): it was the way your were, you are too sexy to be real
DyingW (3:25:34 AM): I need my beauty sleep, I need to go now.

More Scott and Jackie

JacMic1124 [1:40 AM]:  how was the sex with sai?
Fuel7 [1:41 AM]:  amazing
Fuel7 [1:41 AM]:  installed great and seemed so real
JacMic1124 [1:41 AM]:  well that's good
JacMic1124 [1:41 AM]:  how was it installed/ made?
Fuel7 [1:42 AM]:  sex change of course
JacMic1124 [1:42 AM]:  well duh, i meant how did they change the gender?
Fuel7 [1:44 AM]:  surgery
JacMic1124 [1:44 AM]:  what exactly did they do?
Fuel7 [1:46 AM]:  well, hmmm........i guess they took away the penis, and added a vagina there, then added breasts
JacMic1124 [1:46 AM]:  how did they ad a vagina?
Fuel7 [1:49 AM]:  they push the skin back inside and sew it at the top so that it stays inverted  
JacMic1124 [1:50 AM]:  interesting, isn't that painful?
Fuel7 [1:51 AM]:  eh, nah, not really.  she only couldn't walk for a week and blacked out a few times
JacMic1124 [1:52 AM]:  damn, sounds bad to me
Fuel7 [1:53 AM]:  well, not bad for her, sometimes a sex change could cause a person to become blind or a miget
JacMic1124 [1:54 AM]:  how?
Fuel7 [1:55 AM]:  not sure exactly, but one time i was at the clinic, and all i see is a 6ft 7 man go in, and a 4 ft 5 woman come out--strange
JacMic1124 [1:55 AM]:  why were you there?
Fuel7 [1:56 AM]:  not the time sai went, but i went there before to check it out myself so that it would be easier to get laid, but i opted not to do it cuz i didn't have the $
JacMic1124 [1:57 AM]:  interesting
JacMic1124 [1:57 AM]:  you would become a chick just so you could get laid?
Fuel7 [1:58 AM]:  sure, cuz that way i could get sex whenever, and if i really wanted to--2 guys at once to double the pleasure
JacMic1124 [1:59 AM]:  so you're into anal sex with guys?
Fuel7 [1:59 AM]:  well, not now since i didn't get the change
Fuel7 [2:00 AM]:  now, just interested in woman and kangaroos
JacMic1124 [2:01 AM]:  how did this interesest in kangaroos start
Fuel7 [2:02 AM]:  dunno, those pouches are just...so....sexy, i just really want to hop in one and out and in and they just get me so hot
JacMic1124 [2:02 AM]:  isn't illegal to fuck animals?
Fuel7 [2:03 AM]:  well, not kangaroos, lions, or wombats
JacMic1124 [2:04 AM]:  so you've done research on this?
Fuel7 [2:05 AM]:  well, oddly came across it on a web page
JacMic1124 [2:05 AM]:  that's interesting
Fuel7 [2:05 AM]:  oh yea, sai said for me to give u this, she said it would help you understand the change or somethin
Transsexuality: Reassignment Surgery
JacMic1124 [2:05 AM]:  k
Fuel7 [2:16 AM]:  so, u understand?
JacMic1124 [2:16 AM]:  yea, it's very interesting
JacMic1124 [2:16 AM]:  so where did sai have it done?
Fuel7 [2:17 AM]:  Dr. sal calabro in NY
Fuel7 [2:29 AM]:  what? don't believe me? uhh..i'm insulted
JacMic1124 [2:29 AM]:  who said i didn't believe you?
Fuel7 [2:30 AM]:  heard you were questioning sai
JacMic1124 [2:31 AM]:  i was just aking her how she was enjoying it
Fuel7 [2:31 AM]:  ohh, all right then
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