10/08/2011- Been quite a while now. I'm surprised sites persist here so long, without any updates. Looks like the Infinity Engine legacy is carrying on in an MMO now, The Old Republic. Hope everyone has fun with that one!

10/26/2005-Missed almost all of 2005. Oops. I realized that since I changed the left navigation bar, the email link has been broken. Probably because of the @ symbol used, but I properly escaped it now, so it should work. Not that if I got requests, I would remember how to create for the Infinity Engine, it's been a while. Guess I could give it a try though.
      Part 2-After posting the first update, I discovered that the Quests link was broken as well. Geez, what was I doing back then? I was pretty proud of my little Tortured Souls quest too, it's a shame it was down.

1/19/2004-Wow, 2004 now. I popped back into this site now because I noticed that the awesome AXE application has been re-released. It's quite useful for editing the Infinity Engine games (or at least it used to be when I was involved, now it looks like there's tools for everything). It's also good for some Comp Sci classes at my University, and that's how I stumbled upon it again.

9/16/2003-Oh holy mother of God, an update! Sort of....I noticed that the navigation frame was broken, because the old webspace I had hosted that on is gone. I didn't use tripod for that, because I thought it looked quite stupid to have the same stupid banner from the main page in the nav frame too. Well, in my long hiatus, I've learned some scripting stuff, so I can now use tripod space and not have the banner.

1/14/2003-Added new bracers to the items page from a request. And that concludes this year's update.

3/30/2002-Added a new sword to the items page. Well, that about does it for the yearly update :)

8/28/2001-The zip for the holy avenger was corrupt. It is fixed now.

8/27/2001-What's this you ask? Somebody else is running this site, and is actually doing something to it unlike that god damn useless Metalfan49? Well, no it is still me. Sorry about the absence but I guess I got burnt out on the items making scene. Hopefully I won't disappear again. Added new sword and armor on the items page.

5/28/2001-Added a new sword on the items page.

5/21/2001-Seems like the zip for the Sword of God was corrupt. It is fixed now. Finished How to Hex edit in the help section. Also uploaded the new version of Blade from Inin Trag, found in the characters section.

5/17/2001-New helm on the items page.

5/4/2001-Great new character made by Inin Trag. Get him in the Characters section.

5/2/2001-Tiax's sounds are really fixed this time. You have to download the four files, unzip them all to the same directory, then use GAP to convert the files in the playlist.

4/24/2001-New quest! There are different ways to finish it, though it is just a small sidequest.
      Fixed Tiax's sounds.

4/15/2001-New spell. This one was made by Kleaver.

4/10/2001-Guen's figurine is fixed now. Sorry for lack of updates. Big one coming soon.

4/3/2001-Everyone's favorite gnome is on the charaters page.

4/1/2001-Our demo team has released a little preview of the full version. Go to the main site for all the info.

4/1/2001-Fixed the link for the Egress spell. You can download it now

4/1/2001-Added Jandor, the character requested on the message board by Kleaver.

3/28/2001-Now have sounds for Ajantis and Xan. Get them here.

3/25/2001-Character sent in by Inin Trag. Get it in the characters section.

3/23/2001-Made a warhammer. Get it in the items section.

3/21/2001-Added a new sword. The items section has it. I also updated the all customs file.

3/19/2001-Added a section with lists of resrefs. Also added the spell Egress to the section.

3/18/2001-Made the monk armor as requested by Li. Description here, and download it here.

3/13/2001-Sze Erh Lee sent in a fix for The Defender of Easthaven flail. Get it here.

3/11/2001-The Nameless One for BG2! I am not completely satisfied with it yet but you can see what I have done in the characters section. Any comments would be welcome.

3/11/2001-Three new cool spells sent in by Methuselahn. Get them in the spells section.

3/10/2001-Another new sword. It is from the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Get it in the items section.

3/7/2001-A new sword. Get it in the items section.

3/5/2001-I updated the all customs file. It has some things that aren't on this site. Some new items are scattered around, as well as at the merchant in the docks. Get the file here. As always you will need the Infinity Engine Editor from TeamBG to import it.

3/4/2001-Added a new spell. Get it in the spells section.

3/4/2001-Kivan is back in all his glory. Get him in the characters section.

3/1/2001-Put up a hex code color generator on the help page. If you are using IEEP from TeamBG then you will need to convert the number from the convertor to decimal. The windows calculator will do this.

2/25/2001-Second update of the day, added a new spell. It freezes and is pretty cool. Feel free to email me with requests for things you want added to the game. I am going to add Kivan from BG1 to the game and I am thinking of adding custom items to him. Any ideas on what they should be?

2/25/2001-I added a little hex editing tutorial. I hope it helps some people.

2/23/2001-New sword. Get it in the items section.